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We are comfortable being behind the scenes but sometimes people want to know who we are.

Alicia J. Haff, JD., Founder

Alicia has oversight of ACA compliance interpretations and manages the ETC Web-Based system to ensure ACA compliance and that the evolutions of ACA rules/regulations are implemented within ETC. Alicia is responsible for the ETC System’s calculations, interpretations and recommendations. Alicia graduated from the University of Texas School of Law (Austin) in 1996 and spent thirteen (13) years litigating employer, insurance and commercial disputes. Alicia has continued her practice since 2010 in defending employers in Governmental audits including Wage and Overtime, Health & Welfare Benefits, I-9s and OSHA. In 2010, Alicia left her litigation practice to focus her efforts on general employer compliance, including healthcare reform compliance. Alicia has maintained her Texas General Lines Insurance license since 2007, has achieved her Certified Health Care Specialist designation and is certified as a Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Professional. As part of her consulting practice, Alicia is retained on a regular basis by clients to advise on the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act and by clients who need to come into compliance with the law and surrounding regulations.

Heather Garcia, ETC Founder

Heather has day to day oversight on business operations within the suite of companies inside the ETC Companies. Heather has been in Outsourcing business since 1996 when her career started with Automatic Data Processing Inc., (ADP). Heather obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University Kingsville in 1995. Heather began her professional career by working with clients to evaluate the best source of handling payroll and tax risks and has evolved into a career of Business efficiency. In 1996 she began working with companies to implement complete outsourcing solutions to include payroll, workers’ compensation, and health and welfare insurances. Business efficiency is crucial to the success of any enterprise and Heather understands most aspects. She is a licensed General Lines Agent in the state of Texas and achieved her Certified Health Care Specialist designation in 2013. Heather travels the country speaking on both the Affordable Care Act as well as other best practice areas in the employment lifecycle.

Elizabeth Raggio, JD., Director of Compliance

Elizabeth joined the ETC Companies in August of 2016 and has spent an inordinate amount of time analyzing and education clients on the political aspects of ACA as well as other Health & Wellness issues. As the ETC Director of Compliance, Elizabeth provides practical guidance and assistance to ETC clients regarding compliance and all employee benefit-related matters including of PPACA, ERISA, IRC, COBRA, FMLA, HIPAA, and other laws and regulations impacting the administration of employer-sponsored group health plans. Currently, Elizabeth’s primary focus is related to handling responses to IRS 226J and 972CG penalty letters resulting in substantial savings for Applicable Large Employers (ALEs).

Maricia Meyer, Director of HR Services

Maricia joined the ETC compliance team in March of 2015, she has a Healthcare Administration Degree from Texas State University and has 15+ years of practical and operational HR experience. In addition to her corporate experience in technology and healthcare industries, Maricia’s hands-on HR experience includes having worked at a fast-growing energy leader and Fortune 100 company as well as a large, multi-state manufacturing company. Skilled in statutory requirements and HR rules set out for employers, Maricia provides daily consultation and guidance to our employer addressing issues and problems our clients are facing.

Kendra Stegemann, Director of Information Technology

Kendra has used her 25+ years of experience in management of IT departments to grow and evolve the ETC platforms. Her expertise as a Database Administrator has been paramount in taking ETC’s proprietary system to new levels. Kendra has certified numerous organizations for HIPAA/HITECH compliance and brought levels of security to our internal operational platforms. She strengthens the ETC operational team by ensuring the stable operation and performance of all computer systems and networks continually optimizes our network and system performance. Kendra and her team are responsible for AIR XML oversight and IRS filings. Kendra is alumni of the University of Houston.

Jennifer Rodriguez, Director of Operations and Senior ACA Consultant

Jennifer coordinates all aspects of ETC’s operations to ensure our Clients are serviced as requested and expected. Jennifer is involved in all aspects of the ETC Companies – from implementation of new services to ensuring the ETC Companies stays compliant with its own employer obligations. In 1997, Jennifer earned her Associates in Legal Studies from Florida Community College at Jacksonville. Thereafter, she worked as a litigation Paralegal in the fields of employment law and insurance defense for ten years. In 2007, Jennifer returned to school at the University of Texas at San Antonio where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. Her extensive education and experience are useful to ETC clients as they further evolve their HR practices to coordinate compliance with ACA.

 Matt Scott, Director of  National Sales

Matt joined ETC in 2014 as the first compliance consultant to advise clients on ETC services outside of the founding partners. Matt provides real-world leadership on payroll and benefit systems and understands what data must be obtained and utilized during client implementation. His understanding of IRS Indicator Codes allows him to work with client’s not only during client implementation but throughout the year to completion. As we experienced growth, Matt had a hand in designing and streamlining our implementation processes, templates and agreements to expedite and improve our client implementation timelines. Matt understands compliance and how it must be integrated differently depending upon the industry and client specific needs. Now as a Director, Matt has oversight on all National Account business and manages ETC’s consulting team. Prior to joining ETC, Matt worked in sales and business development for business to business service companies. Matt received his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Texas State University.

Lisa Briggs Davis, Senior ACA Consultant

Lisa Davis is a dynamic and motivated Account Executive with a passion for building relationships with her clients. Lisa holds a Speech Communications Bachelor’s degree from Frostburg State University. Her previous experience includes Client relationship management at Dell Inc, as well as Data Analyst at Accenture/Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP). She brings that corporate experience to her daily process when managing her team and client relationships. Lisa’s team leads the entire client relationship from data collection, file processing, education and coaching her clients to completion. Lisa holds a General Lines Agent certification with the State of West Virginia. With this expertise, Lisa can provide sound ACA and business advice while always keeping the best interest of the client in the forefront.

Pete Morgan, Director of Programming

Pete Morgan joined ETC in 2015 and uses his 20+ years of experience in programming to grow and evolve the ETC platforms. Pete can work with a variety of software languages to include Java, PHP, Python, and C++. He is highly skilled in developing processing pipelines to eliminate manual data entry into large database applications. Pete is a highly committed team member always looking to deliver more efficient solutions to data so the ETC Companies can continue to bring new solutions to clients. Outside of his work time with ETC, Pete is married and has five children ages three to thirteen living in East Tennessee where they enjoy outdoor activities. Pete is an avid guitar player and plays at church. To decompress from blinking green & black screens, Pete and the family enjoy running their egg farm with 150 chickens.

Kelly Teel, Director of Schools

Kelly Teel brings her benefits experience to the ETC Companies. Kelly has been with ETC for four years and serves as the School Senior client Liaison. Kelly’s experience in customer service strengthens her client interactions. Kelly has maintained her Texas General Lines Insurance license since 2014 and is a Notary Public. ETC is lucky to call Kelly Teel an asset to the companies.

Jeff McMillan, Director of Operations: SJ&C Print Productions, LLC

Jeff joined SJ&C Printing, a company within ETC, as the Director of Operations in July 2019. He started his career in sales working for Toshiba as a sales representative and sales manager. He brings to the company 21 years of printing and mailing experience. Jeff has extensive knowledge in B2B sales and solution selling. Through his solution selling approach he has an uncanny ability to help companies review their current processes and identify the pain points that SJ&C and other ETC companies can help in solving.

Rhonny Rowden, Director of Accounting

Rhonny joined ETC in 2014 as our marketing and bookkeeping lead. She has evolved into our Director of Accounting running 5 companies Accounting software. She is instrumental in the development of efficient, organized, and accurate systems to make the process seamless for our clients. Beyond crunching numbers Rhonny is instrumental in the creative element of our electronic campaigns and marketing pieces. She is also lead to the ETC Client Relationship tool. Rhonny is a graduate of University of North Texas with a degree in Kinesiology and minor in dance.

April McGuffie, Business Analyst

As a Senior Data Analyst, April’s role at ETC includes the reviewing of client data, building processors tailored to the format of client-provided files, and the actual processing of data. The role requires keen attention to detail as well as being proficient in Microsoft Excel and Access. Prior to joining the ETC family in 2016, April served her country in the US Navy working as a Registrar at a Military College. This position is where she originally learned how important attention to detail was especially when dealing with a person’s information. Her experience of working in a Registrar’s office brings value to the POD setup at ETC. April will say her biggest strength is her teamwork. While everyone’s role may be different on a team, everyone is vital in the overall success of a team.

Cali Beeman, PHR, SHRM-CP – Director of Broker Svc.

Cali joins ETC as Director of Broker Services with a wealth of knowledge in Human Resources and Health and Welfare plans.  Her experience in benefit planning, budgeting, compliance, benefit administration, employee relations, training and development, and employee communications will bring expanded knowledge to the already robust team of professionals at the ETC Companies.  Her hands-on HR experience will assist the ETC team in providing daily consultation and strategic guidance to the clients regarding complex HR matters.  The role will also create new and strategic tools to be utilized by our broker partners to further assist their client companies with obligations and compliance.
Her previous roles include HR and Benefits Consultant for Arthur J. Gallagher, Benefits Compliance Manager for Calvert County Health, and Human Resources at the San Antonio Spurs.

Dave Bennett, Development Team

Dave joined the ETC Companies in 2018 as an entry level java programmer. He was quickly given more responsibility and have been instrumental in getting the systems operating on a much more efficient methodology. Dave’s core talents successes are in an internal application that the end user (client) doesn’t see; however, the tool has been a giant success for ETC staff members. Prior to ETC, Dave managed an automotive shop for a contract company and has worked on the installation crew for Spectrum technology. Because Dave has been on the ground levels, he understands how important end user satisfaction is to the overall success of a company. Dave is presently pursing a Computer Science degree.

Shelley P. Valdez, Client Success Manager/Sr ACA Consultant

Shelley Valdez brings to the ETC team 25 years of experience in sales, public relations, and marketing in the healthcare sector.  Shelley uses her strength in communication skills both inside and outside the ETC Companies. Shelley’s most recent venture in government contract compliance before ETC is the experience that supports her work for ETC Companies. Shelley places high value on customer service, attention to detail, and project coordination. Working with Brokers and their Employer Clients to implement ETC Companies’ myriad of compliance services fuels Shelley’s passion to educate, holding true to strengthening our client’s knowledge base on how to understand compliance and embrace the guidelines.  

Sydney Lozano, Business Analyst

Sydney started with ETC as a junior data processor and has grown into a Senior Data Analyst. Sydney has been with ETC for projects before her full-time role, so she knows the insides of the systems. Sydney’s core role includes the reviewing of client data and processing data to ensure accuracy in the 1095 compliance process. Sydney has strong knowledge of the Microsoft family of products as well as VBA. Sydney is an artist, too, and if not working you will find her enjoying the outdoors or making something incredibly creative.

Greg Chaffins, Development Team

Greg joined the ETC Team in July 2018 as a System Developer. Before ETC Greg worked with many different development projects, from a Watson Research Lab project for a well-known insurance name to working with physicists and scientists pushing the bounds of practical radioactive particle detection. Along the way, there were also projects involving Defense Contractor missile tracking and credit card processing utilizing client-server architecture. All of this has Greg to his welcomed ideas and advice in developing systems at ETC.

Sheila Roan, “The A Team” Business Analyst

Sheila Roan has been with the ETC family since 2020. Sheila uses her positive energy and collaborative style when working with her teammates and clients alike. She provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of data to be used in the ACA reporting. Prior to her role as a Business Analyst with ETC, Sheila worked for Everi Holdings Inc in a senior sales support role. She continues to use her strong Microsoft products skillset alongside her Sales support background to provide excellent customer service to client companies as well as the in-house ETC team. Sheila is responsible for the design and process improvement training documentation. Sheila holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Darlene Deardurff, Development Team

Darlene joined the ETC Companies just in time to take the systems to a much “prettier” level. Darlene has 30+ years in IT as a Business and System Analyst/Developer/Project Expert. Darlene assists in the development of internal tools to ensure accuracy and efficiency for the service team. Darlene develops well into the “weeds” to find areas of excess time and write protocols and tools to have ETC deliver more efficient information to clients. Darlene’s core focus for ETC is automating as many processes and touchpoints as possible for the end-user to eliminate wasted time spent.

Stephen Carter, Development Team

Stephen joined the ETC team in September 2016 in a support role to lead Software Architect and Director of IT. Since the early days, Stephen has transitioned into a full development role inside of the ETC team. One of the earliest accomplishments was migrating the infrastructure to Amazon AWS environment. As a Senior Software Developer now, Stephen is responsible for numerous internal tools and systems. Stephen’s focus is on the AIR Electronic filing system as well as state individual reporting systems. Stephen is part of the think tank that is constantly looking at new software solutions that can bring value to clients.

Katie Roe, “Commercial Avengers” Business Analyst

Katie joined the ETC team in 2016. Her role requires not only reviewing the data is both accurate and usable. Katie analyzes the data within the files and focuses much of the day on building data processing “mappers” or file feeds to guarantee ETC is handling/processing the data accurately without manual manipulation. Katie’s skills are strong in the Microsoft family of products. Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and JavaScript coding are her core go-to tools. Katie’s role as an “Avenger” for the clients has her processing in hundreds of files a year.

Jeremy Brammer, Development Team

Jeremy joined ETC in 2020 as a software developer focused on ETC’s PHP software solutions. Jeremy has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems with 10+ years of experience. Jeremy is the lead ETC developer on our V2 portal where the focus is the client user experience as well as securing the PII of all client information. Jeremy adds a simple philosophy to his work as in his personal life. Be humble, forgive quickly, and make memories. Make each day count. Jeremy brings that mentality into his work by producing results that are meaningful to clients.

woman headshot

Michele Rodriguez, Administrative Support

Michele started with ETC five years ago, as a Business Operations Assistant and has grown to fill several voids within the company.  Being a photographer on the side, Michele takes great pride in her work, which flowed perfectly into a Creative Assistant role, inspiring changes to the ETC website. She is also responsible for most of the photos on the website, including employee profiles.  This year, Michele expanded her role to include Account Manager, always advocating for and educating customers, and resolving issues to create positive outcomes.  Michele is working toward a bachelor’s degree in business.

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