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Small to medium-sized business owners and managers of larger organizations face a multitude of employment challenges. In the rush of daily business, compliance is often an afterthought. We work with Clients to design a customized HR/employment solution for your business. 

Federal Contractor, Services, 200+ ee’s

I just had to let you know that I am so impressed with ETC HR.  It feels like I have a second person helping me! We communicate well together, she is responsive, knowledgeable, and goes over and above all that I could expect and want in an HRBP.  They are always right on top of current matters and sending out the information needed in order to act/respond/facilitate as a company. I have the confidence to step out and tackle areas that I know have needed improvement because I know I have ETC HR has my back and can help me find out what I need to know. We currently have employees in 16 different states with 16 different and varying levels of compliance issues on top of the normal federal and OFCCP requirements. My confidence in ETC HR is 100%!

I now no longer have the added stress of working with an HRIS and getting ACA compliant 1095’s. It would be a severe hit to my department if we did not have ETC HR to rely on.

Restaurant, 200+ ee’s

As a restaurant operator, our organization is constantly dealing with an ever-growing number of challenges.  From ACA reporting to labor law matters, working with Alicia Haff and the entire team at ETC has truly helped us to remain in compliance.  They are professional, friendly, and timely and I would highly recommend them to any business.  You won’t be disappointed!

raving kudos for HR Etc.  It would be a severe hit to my department if we did not have all of you to rely on, and especially, for overall assistance, my hats off go to Maricia.

Federal Contractor, Services, 100+ ee’s

We are a small women run American Indian Tribally Owned Company (AITOC).  As the Tribal Member elected to be the initiating CEO/General Manager for the company – I could not have imagined the complex DOL and HR compliance requirements for government contractors.  Having won our first contract, we were faced with the challenge of immediately having employees operating in 5 states… we thought we were doomed to fail! Then we were introduced to ETC HR! They have quick and thorough responses to our questions and they provide resources to keep us compliant. We would have to hire a Team of HR professionals and spend thousands of dollars on their ongoing training to maintain the expertise we receive from ETC HR… and at such an incredibly reasonable price. We recommend ETC HR!

Important Things to Know


Handbook review should be done at least once annually.


An I-9 must be signed on day of hire by the employee and within 3 days by the employer. An ORIGINAL document must be seen for verification.


SPD documents should be reviewed at least once annually.


A W-4 can be updated any time of the year or annually but does not have to be updated annually.


Employment law posters must only change if something materially changed.

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