Business Consulting

Hourly support to evaluate data and recommend Indicator Codes or Strategy. If it touches the Employment lifecycle, we can help!

Every piece of your business, from sales to operations (including HR) has inherent inefficiencies that drive up costs and lower your bottom line. Many call excessive time spent a soft cost; however the soft can lead to hard dollars very quickly. If your firm needs a full analysis of Human Capital systems and processes, an outsourcing total solution price comparison, or even a customized COVID 19 Action Plan, we can help.

We are first a consulting company that uses proprietary software to file data with the IRS or determine eligibility. However, there are many software solutions available in today’s business environment. Our consultants can be available to review an entire IRS filing before your system releases it to the IRS or on an hourly basis to help with tough individual situations. Options are available to add pre-paid legal to all levels of support.

Basic Inclusions


Import of single IRS file into the system


IRS Filing & 1094-C Creation


1 IRS correction filing per IRS error


*Printing and Shipping of actual forms are available in this model

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