Interamerican Foods Corp.

One of North America‚Äôs largest pasta manufacturers, Interamerican Foods Corp. / La Moderna USA has doubled their production during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

The company, which was built on the values of Family and Faith, attributes the increase in production initially to the fear of food shortages, but says the inventory needs have remained strong as Americans are staying home and making home-cooked meals for their families. 

In order to double production, Interamerican Foods Corporation had two huge challenges:  most importantly the safety of their employees; secondly procuring double the supplies and working harder to satisfy the high volumes of pasta on the shelves. Together, with local and state agencies, they were able to implement new safety measures and to date none of the employees or their families have contracted Covid-19.  Their suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers all stepped up to assure Interamerican Foods Corporation could keep America fed.

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