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As a busy business owner, internal HR supervisor, or anyone tasked with managing a workforce, you are constantly challenged to make the right decisions, to meet or exceed goals, build employee loyalty, and sustain value to the organization’s overall bottom line. HR means many things to many organizations. To some it includes the paperwork part of HR and to others it may be the employee morale and training. Whichever it may be to you, many times this decision can be costly. This decision could be considered imperative by some and bottom priority by others. There is just such a wide range of the term HR used in today’s businesses.


As the world of managing an employee workforce becomes more complex, it is increasingly more difficult to handle all of the tasks alone. The ETC Companies has focused their strengths and core values on just one area – helping clients manage their business needs. What sets the ETC Companies apart is that ETC pulls from general counsel when needed and looks at almost every situation from both HR best practice and what legal ramifications may come from such solutions. ETC HR provides solutions that are right for each client. The goal is to make many solutions available but to customize the individual client experience based on needs.


In the end, the advantages to utilizing outside support could include the following but are not limited to the following:

  • Key Personnel focus on revenue generating tasks;
  • Front line managers get support from tools and experts to guide them from making costly mistakes;
  • Business owners can rest at night feeling confident that the team is supported;
  • Unforeseen legal expenses can be mitigated;
  • Employee experience can be enhanced; and
  • other key areas as it pertains to each client.


ETC recognizes that every organization is different. ETC HR prides itself on being able to identify potential challenges and tailor a customized solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.


A recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers
found that up to three-quarters of companies
outsource at least one major HR function, such
as benefits administration, payroll processing or HR record keeping.