ETC’S Strategic Partnerships

ETC has a network of professional strategic partnerships so we can provide you with easy access, expertise, efficiency & coordination with other business areas.

Legal Guidance

Law Offices of Alicia J. Haff, JD

Alicia J. Haff has been practicing law in Texas since 1997. In March of 2011, Alicia opened Haff Consulting Services, LLC, a full service Human Resources Auditing Company focused on assisting employers in assessing their employment practices and improving their human resource procedures. Alicia’s primary goal is to help employers comply with regulations and to protect themselves from or prepare for potential employment litigation.


SJ&C Printing Productions, LLC

SJ&C Printing Productions, LLC (SJC) is a limited liability company founded in 2016.  The need to have high power printing equipment to prepare the 1095 forms to be provided to our Clients’ employees in a timely manner was essential for ETC and ETC Lite in 2016.  As a result, we now have machines with little to do for 9 months of the year.  Hence, SJC is available to assist employers in printing at a reduced cost.  With the ability to cost share staff, overhead, and marketing expense, clients will benefit from a necessary expense of the ETC Companies.  SJ&C will follow fellow family companies in that knowledge is power.  Understanding the cost of print and the lifecycle of the document will allow clients to evaluate SJ&C print alternatives for the same or better efficiency results.