Eligibility Tracking Calculators

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Lisa Davis

Sr Client Liaison

Lisa Davis is a dynamic and motivated Account Executive with a passion for building relationships with her clients.  Lisa holds a Speech Communications Bachelor’s degree from Frostburg State University.  Lisa’s previous experience includes Client relationship management at Dell Inc.  She brings that corporate experience to her daily process when managing the client relationship.  Lisa leads the entire client relationship using her back-office support for the filing process, designing educational tools and coaching her clients to completion. Lisa holds a General Lines Agent certification with the State of Texas and has worked in the Health Industry for the last 8 years in both a business analyst and consulting capacity. With this expertise, Lisa can provide sound ACA and business advice while always keeping the best interest of the client in the forefront. 

Kelly Teel

Kelly Teel brings her benefits experience to the ETC Companies. Kelly has been with ETC for four years and serves as the School Senior client Liaison.

Rhonny Rowden

Rhonny joined ETC in 2014 as our marketing and bookkeeping lead. She has evolved into our Director of Accounting running 5 companies Accounting software. She is instrumental in the development of efficient, organized, and accurate systems to make the process seamless for our clients.

Shelley P. Valdez

Shelley Valdez brings to the ETC team 25 years of experience in sales, public relations and marketing in the healthcare sector. With degrees in Communication and Biology from Pittsburg State University,

Elizabeth Raggio, JD.

Elizabeth joined the ETC Companies in August of 2016 and has spent an inordinate amount of time analyzing and education clients on the political aspects of ACA.