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HR Solutions

Don’t let Human Resources become overwhelming.

Small to medium sized business owners and managers of larger organizations face the same challenges.  In the rush of daily business, compliance often takes a back seat.  Let ETC build a customized project plan to ensure your organization stays in compliance with the HR regulations surrounding firms today.  Once the plan has been executed, allow yourself options of how to maintain that compliance on an on-going basis. 

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

Always better to know the risks and decide with facts than to swim into uncharted waters alone.

The goals for all ETC clients are twofold: 

  • Make compliance activities part of the daily workflow;
  • Empower the organization with insight into all the available HR options before making a final decision on a situation. 

Let the professionals at ETC bring their combined years of experience in operations, payroll, HR, and legal to create a customized plan at an agreed upon budget that works just for your firm. Whether your firm needs Regulators audit defense such as Wage and Hour or I-9 audits or simple handbook review with suggested changes, the ETC Companies can help.

Important things to know

  • Handbook review should be done at least once annually.
  • SPD documents should be reviewed at least once annually.
  • Employment law posters must only change if something materially changed.
  • An I-9 must be signed on day of hire by the employee and within 3 days by the employer.  An ORIGINAL document must be seen for verification.
  • A W-4 can be updated any time of the year or annually but does not have to be updated annually.

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