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ETC Employee Highlight: Rhonny Rowden

Hey y’all! It’s me, Rhonny, Director of Accounting for The ETC Companies. I have been with ETC since the fall of 2014 when we were just two sister companies. I started out as an Admin. Assistant for Heather and quickly worked my way up to managing all the accounting needs for 6 ETC Companies. I’ve created an efficient, organized, and accurate system to make client payments a breeze. I also dabble in the creative side helping with electronic campaigns and marketing pieces..

My background also includes dance, personal training, and design. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in dance. I was President & Treasurer of the Prosper Lacrosse Club and am currently the Treasurer for a brand-new non-profit here in Texas.

Outside of ETC, I’m known as “TEAM MOM”. I have been actively involved in every activity my kids have ever engaged in: Dance, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, and more! Now that my kids are grown and off to college, that hasn’t changed much. I attend all of my daughter, Mitchell’s, home games as a dancer for the Texas Legends Basketball team and just a few weeks ago, I returned my son, Lee, to Palm Beach Atlantic University, where he is a sophomore lacrosse goalie. #GoLegends, #GoSailfish

ETC Employee Highlight: Shawn McCullough

I started at ETC in November 2016, in Data Processing. For 3 years I processed payroll, contact data and benefit files to create the indicator codes used on 1095 C forms. In 2019 I moved to our sister company, SJ&C Printing and automated our printing process, helping to expand our services to invoicing and statements. This year I was tasked with revamping the websites for ETC and SJ&C. Web development is my passion and I have enjoyed these projects greatly.

For the 10 years prior to ETC, I worked at Ft. Sam Houston, building an application for the Southern Regional Medical Command. The software helped train and track MEDCOM personnel serving in 20 MTFs (Medical Treatment Facilities) across the US using web based tools available to anyone with a PC.

When not working, I am usually still at a computer making electronic music, computer art, motion graphics or exploring the world of Augmented Reality..

Employee Highlight: Sharon Alt

I joined ETC in July of 2019, diving headfirst into ACA 6055/6056 Reporting and Filing season. In my current role as client liaison I assist our Reporting Only and Full Tracking clients in all aspects of the reporting process, the end result being Forms 1095C and Form 1094C.

I also work with employer groups as well as health insurance agents/brokers in identifying and addressing client human resources needs, Covid-19 issues. I recently re-joined the best association on the planet, NAHU, and will serve as membership chair for my local Fort Worth chapter.

Prior to coming on board with ETC, I worked in various roles focusing on ERISA and IRS regulations as well as ACA reporting since the enactment of PPACA. I owned my own Third-Party Administration firm, Alt Benefit Consultants from 1996–2010 and always enjoyed working with Eric Johnson, writing and playing roles in Comedy CE.

Outside of work I love hanging out with friends and family. My favorite pastime, watching my 3 children and 8 grandchildren navigate this world and become amazing people. My passion, however, is to do my part to end child trafficking. Please click the link in comments to learn more about the work of Tim Ballard and O.U.R (operation underground railroad).

Employee Highlight: Michele Rodriguez

I have worked at ETC for the last 4 years as a Business Operations Assistant. I receive and direct calls, post checks into Quick Books and make deposits. I also schedule business appointments and meetings, keep a calendar for one of the Partners and assemble agreements/contracts for new clients..

Prior to ETC I had the privilege of being a stay-at-home Army mom to three children and two fur babies for 12 years. I enjoy parenting and consider it a real blessing. While my children were in Elementary school, I was Vice President of the PTA and became a Medical Assistant. I still have 2 years left in Nursing School.

Personal Life: I enjoy traveling – I have been to 12 countries and 16 states. I also love camping, fishing, hiking, wine tasting and painting. I grew up in the country, raising goats, horses and chickens, so I love the outdoors. My passion hobby and side job is photography, so let me know if you have any photo needs. Contact: michelerodriguez1285@yahoo.com

Employee Highlight: Elizabeth Raggio

I joined ETC in August 2016 as Director of Compliance, providing guidance to employers and employee benefit brokers related to federal and state laws impacting group health administration.

Today, I am primarily focused on assisting Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) with their specific ACA obligations and representing them before the IRS when they receive penalty letters (Letters 226J, 5699, 5005-A, and 972CG).

The relationship between ETC Companies and my law firm, Haff & Raggio, PLLC, has allowed us to successfully serve more than 200 ALEs with savings of almost $100 million in penalties to date.

Prior to ETC, I worked in healthcare law and insurance positions, including serving as the Compliance Officer for the Employee Benefits practice of Frost Insurance. I represented Texas healthcare providers before state and federal agencies as an Associate Attorney at Garlo Ward, P.C., and served as Senior Legislative Analyst for Xerox Corporation related to its Texas Medicaid claims processing contract.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two sons (9 and 6). When I am not serving as the taxi driver to one of their sports games in our hometown of Nashville, I enjoy traveling, running, yoga, and playing the piano.

Employee Highlight: Dave Bennett

I started with ETC about a year and a half ago as an entry-level Java programmer. They have really given me an opportunity to thrive in an environment that promotes success and growth through their focus on education and responsibility.

I have learned a lot in my time here. I am currently assisting other developers with new features and enhancements to our full-tracking products and I already have my own project: litlCRM, our in-house customer relationship management system.

Prior to working at ETC, I was a mechanic for ten years, went through basic law enforcement training, ran a garage for AT&T, and was an installer for Spectrum. I never found satisfaction and joy through those jobs to the degree that I have felt working as a programmer for ETC. I feel truly appreciated here.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend Alicia and my dog Enzo at the lake, hiking, and fishing. I also enjoy drag racing, singing in the choir at church, gardening, and spending time at the range. I will be going back to school this fall in pursuit of my computer science degree.

ETC Employee Highlight: Kelly Gunaji

Kelly Gunaji joined the ETC team in 2019 bringing ten plus years of legal and administrative experience to the Compliance Team as a paralegal.  Capitalizing on her experience and strengths, she currently administers ETC’s ERISA Wrap and Section 125 Plan Document deliverable service offerings.  In addition, Kelly fulfills the critical role of triaging client compliance needs, assisting brokers and employers with obtaining resources, answers to questions and assistance with compliance issues, on a daily basis.

ETC Employee Highlight: Misty Richardson

I started working part-time with ETC 5½ years ago, when ACA was still brand new, but quickly decided that I really liked this job and the folks I worked for. I currently work with Texas school districts as a Senior Client Liaison Associate, processing payroll and providing clients with the data which will populate their 1095 forms. I am certified as a General Lines Agent in the state of Texas.

Previously I worked as an IT Service Desk agent where I assisted end users with software and hardware issues, helped maintain the Data Center servers, and trained as a security officer on the AS/400 system.

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family, swim, and read. I have three dogs, one cat, and one husband.

ETC Employee Highlight: Darlene Deardurff

I started with ETC in September 2018 as a consultant, but soon became a permanent employee. I support the administrative side of the house. I develop portions of the internal database to help assist the team in processing and retrieving of data; reporting; and automating processes in client files. This saves time, allowing the team to focus on other projects and the betterment of client support. I code in VBA in the database as well as Excel and can also code VBA in the back of Word. It makes me happy to hear that these processes help make the team’s jobs easier.

My background comprises of 30+ years in Information Technology including software development and management. I have been a consultant for about half of that time and an employee the other half. I have worked in retail, aerospace, government, and manufacturing. Companies include: G.E., Intel, McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing), CSK Auto (now Checker Auto Parts), City of Peoria and Avnet.

Outside of work, I assist others in Life Coaching, gained from my training from Anthony Robbins Mastery University and Life Coaching program. Additionally, I love photography and art. I do a bit of handy work around the house, helping my mom become more self-sufficient. I am an avid animal lover.

ETC Employee Highlight: Katie Roe

I started with ETC in May of 2016, running the envelope stuffing machines as a temp. I have come quite a way since then. When I became a full-time employee, I was an IT Administrative Assistant, and I am now a Senior Data Analyst in the Data Processing department. I process client data, review client files, and troubleshoot processing errors when they arise.

Before I joined the ETC family, I spent the majority of my time volunteering at my oldest son’s school and helping his soccer team as much as possible.
When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my 2 sons and husband. Our favorite activity is going to local parks and walking the trails. When not out exploring, you can find us barbecuing and playing in the pool!

ETC Employee Highlight: Kelly Teel

I started with ETC four years ago in February 2016, the throng of print season. I have always worked with the Texas Schools and love to chat with all of my admins. Since coming to ETC I have logged 30+ new schools. I have my General Lines License and I am a Notary Public.

Previously I worked at Financial Benefit Services as a CSR, again servicing several of the Texas Schools. I still maintain a great relationship with FBS as a lot of their clients are ETCs clients.

Outside of work I have four grown boys that still play ice hockey and I try to go to every game as I LOVE to watch them play. The apple of my eye is my granddaughter that keeps me busy with dollies, tea parties and swinging.

ETC Employee Highlight: Lisa Davis

I have had many roles in the last 5 years with ETC: Texas Schools Sales and Support; Business Sales; Operations and finally Account Executive. I currently help our ACA clients with all aspects of the reporting process, working with both Reporting Only and Full Tracking clients. I am certified as a General Lines Agent and work with brokers around the state.

Previously I worked as a Pricing Analyst and Workflow Coordinator at Texas Medicaid & Health Partnership (Accenture). In these roles, I helped authenticate the costs per service for Medicaid providers, working with the Texas Department of Medicaid and following stringent State and Federal guidelines.

Outside of work I love to be on Lake Travis, swimming or sailing with friends and family, or hiking the many, many trails in the Austin area. I also volunteer with the Special Needs kids at my church and am part of a social country western dance group.

One of my greatest passions, however, is writing. I have written several short stories, but 2 years ago I started www.getmorehappy.com with a friend. I contribute weekly blogs and vlogs on spreading kindness. As a matter of fact, I recently co-authored an e-book called “76 Ways to Get More Happy”, which is available on Amazon Kindle.

ETC Employee Highlight: April McGuffie

I joined the ETC family right before the start of our print season in October of 2016. I started out in data entry, doing basic data processing type work. Now, 3 ½ years later, I’m still working in the same department, but as a senior data analyst. II help review client files, build processors tailored to client provided files, process data, and assist in the troubleshooting of processing errors.

Prior to coming to ETC, I was serving on active duty in the Navy as a Gunner’s Mate. My main job was to train and qualify other members on various weapons as well as the maintenance and upkeep of the various weapons and weapon systems on board my ship. After serving 6 years on active duty, I transitioned to the Navy Reserves where I still currently serve while working full-time for ETC.

Outside of work and the Navy Reserves, I enjoy spending time with my 1-year old daughter and my husband. We currently live on 54-acres in a very rural area of Kentucky where we raise and sell ducks, quail, pheasants, and turkey so there is never a shortage of things to do!

I’m also currently going to school full-time online in the pursuit of my Bachelor’s in IT. In my “free time” I love being outdoors and enjoy fishing and hiking on our property.

ETC Employee Highlight: Matt Scott

I joined the ETC team in September of 2014, while we were still preparing for the implementation of the ACA. I started as the first compliance consultant to advise clients on ETC services outside of the founding partners. Now as Director of Sales, I am responsible for growing the company and remaining a service asset throughout the year. I am also certified as a General Lines Agent and work with our broker partners across the U.S.

Prior to joining ETC, I worked in sales and business development for B2B service companies after receiving my BA in Public Administration.

In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors, running, fishing, playing golf and spending time with my wife, 2 daughters (aged 7 and 6) and our 3 dogs. We recently finished a remodel of our dream home and are enjoying our weekends playing in the big backyard and swimming in our pool.

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