ACA Basics – Help Me Understand

The ETC 1095-C Process


  • You will provide a Roster via a secure portal with required fields for all Eligible Employees in a given tax year.  (*Data elements to include non-masked full SSN, First Name, Last Name, *Email Address,  Mailing Address, Hire Date, Term Date, Eligibility Periods, and Eligibility Class if offering more than ICHRA plans).
  • X Company will provide our clients with a custom-built data file for 1095-C Creation.
  • *Email Address will link Roster & X Company’s data. 
  • ETC will create the 1095-C exception reports for client review and approval of 1095-C forms.
  • ETC will print and distribute to employees the tax year 1095-C form.
  • ETC will file all 1094-C & 1095-C forms with the Internal Revenue Service before the due dates and provide you with electronic copies in a secure portal.
  • ETC will indemnify your company for proper usage of IRS indicator codes.

ETC Companies 1095-C Service Offerings for Fully-Insured ALE

Scope of Work


  • Process Tax Year Employment Rosters or Payroll for those eligible in the current tax year.
  • Receive/Process Benefit Enrollments from X Company.
  • Consult and indemnify on the use of proper Indicator codes for 1095-C Forms based on data provided to ETC.
  • Prepare Forms 1095-C for employees & dependents identified by the Client as eligible to receive the Form 1095-C.
  • Prepare Form 1094-C Transmittal w/ Client assistance for total employee counts only.
  • Prepare state-required forms if different than the 1095-C form.
  • File all IRS filings, including 1094-C & 1095-C, via the AIR Transmittal portal using ETC’s TCC ID.
  • File all required state filings via ETC state transmitter ID.
  • Handle and support IRS errors after filing.
  • Discounted IRS Appeals Support – If all correspondence is sent to ETC in a timely manner.

X Company Customer Exclusive Pricing

ALE <100 (employer client with less than 100 employees) 

$XX One Time Set Up (Federal & State)
Flat $XX per EIN 

*Set Up fee & Flat Rate fee billed upon execution of the contract.

ALE ≥100 (employer client with 100 employees and over)

$XX One Time Set up (Federal & State)
+ $XX Base Fee + $XX Per Form Produced

*Set Up fee and Base Fee billed upon execution of the contract. Per Form fee billed with final form delivery.  IRS filing will not occur without payment.

Form Delivery Options (billed after forms are printed):

$2.60 per form wrapped & mailed to the Employee
$2.10 per form wrapped & sent to your Corporate Address
$ .75 per electronic PDF delivered to our secure portal for download

All set and ready to start the process?

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