ETC Electronic Onboarding

Manage sensitive data in one easy to use system.

Toss the paper.

Let ETC HR assist you with automation of the entire employment life-cycle…FROM HIRE TO RETIRE!

We focus on providing efficient and effective processes based on best practices and proven prior results to drive measurable results for an ETC HR client. Employee onboarding is the function of welcoming new employees into an organization including a company’s culture. Most organizations view this process as the act of gathering all of the information necessary to complete new hire paperwork. However, without a web-based hiring software solution in place to automate the onboarding process, manual paperwork can lead to challenges that could result in expensive fines or penalties or even worse an employment lawsuit.

The employee onboarding software supported by ETC HR can eliminate paperwork and redundancy while optimizing the collection of information and enhancing the overall experience.

  • Proper HR Handbook
  • Proper Forms for New Hires
  • Content Development of System
  • Syncs to Client Payroll System
  • Eligibility Tracking with ETC, if Chosen
  • Linked to Benefit Enrollment System
  • Consulting Services as Requested