Labor Law Posters Required But Should Be Used Wisely

Labor Law Posters Required But Should Be Used Wisely

Businesses are required to post federal and state labor law postings in common areas frequented by employees and applicants.  Failure to post may cause undue risk as well as negative evidence in employment disputes.  According to ETC’s poster compliance partner, Labor Law Poster, the following changes are all changes that have happened in 2018.

Should you buy new posters every year?  It depends.  The posters from last year still might be perfectly good.  Posters don’t change on January 1st each year.  Government agencies may issue posting later than their laws’ effective dates.  That means when you buy your brand-new posters, it’s possible that the very next week one of the required postings may have changed.   Consequently, purchasing annually may be risky.

Our goal at ETC HR is keep you abreast of changes.  If you have a need to order new posters or find our more information about the compliance services offered by ETC HR for federal and all states, contact us at

November 2018: Year to Date Poster Changes

State October 2018 Mandatory Changes
Delaware 2019 Wage to $8.75 & Discrimination Notice
Florida 2019 Wage Increased to 8.46
Ohio 2019 Wage Increased to $8.55
State Recent 2018 Mandatory Changes
Illinois Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Poster
Iowa Unemployment Insurance Poster Updated
New Mexico Minimum Wage Poster Updated
New Jersey Earned / Paid Sick Leave Poster
Oklahoma Discrimination Poster
San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance
 State  August 2018 Mandatory Changes
New York City New Sexual Harassment
Oklahoma Discrimination Notice Updated
Texas Ombudsman Notice Updated
Virginia OSHA Health and Safety Notice Updated
 State   July 2018 Mandatory Changes
California Notice to Employees, Harassment, Discrimination
Louisiana Earned Income Credit Notice
Maryland State Wage Notice and Montgomery County Wage
Michigan Unemployment Insurance
Rhode Island Ban The Box, Healthy & Safe Families
South Carolina Discrimination, SC Abstract Poster
City – Belmont, CA Wage to $12.50, July 1, 2018
City – Chicago, IL Tipped Wage on Wage Notice
City – Cook County, IL Tipped Wage on Wage Notice
City – Emeryville, CA Wage Increases, July 1, 2018
City – Los Angeles, CA Updated Wage Notice
City – Pasadena, CA Wages increase to $12.00 & $13.25, July 1, 2018
City – San Francisco Salary History & Minimum Wage
City – San Leandro, CA Wage increase to $13.00, July 1, 2018
City – Milpitas, CA Wage Poster, $13.50 July 1, 2018
City – Santa Monica, CA Wages increase to $12.00 & $13.25, July 1, 2018
State June 2018 Mandatory Changes
Georgia Unemployment Insurance Posting
Kentucky Child Labor & Wage Discrimination
Nevada Annual Wage Bulletin & Overtime Bulletin
Oregon Wage Increase & Work Schedule Notices
Tennessee Workers Compensation Posting
Vermont Employment Protections for Victims of Crime
State May 2018 Mandatory Changes
New York City Earned Sick & Safe Time Notice
State April 2018 Mandatory Changes
Alabama Contact Information Updated
Missouri Unemployment Benefits Notice
New Jersey 3 Discrimination Notices Updated
State March 2018 Changes
Alaska Child Labor Law Notice – Added Restrictions
Virginia Revised EITC & CLI Notices
State February 2018 Changes
Maryland Sick & Safe Leave Law Notice
Nevada Domestic Violence Leave Act Notice
Wyoming State OSHA Fine Levels Increased
State January 2018 Changes
Alaska 2018 Minimum Wage to $9.84
Arizona 2018 Minimum Wage to $10.50
California 2018 Transgender Rights Notice
California Cal/OSHA Notice Revised Fine Levels
Colorado 2018 Minimum Wage to $10.20
Connecticut Discrimination and Worker’ Comp Changes
Federal Contractor 2018 Minimum Wage to $10.35
Florida 2018 Wage to $8.25 & EEO Change
Hawaii 2018 Wage Poster updated Family Leave Laws
Maine 2018 Minimum Wage to $10.00
Missouri 2018 Minimum Wage to $7.85

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